How Does The Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

by Jane Davy on April 24, 2013

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract WorkDespite the fact that green coffee bean extract has received great attention lately and millions of overweight people worldwide have started to use it, few of them are actually aware of its mechanism of action. In this article you will find out how does green coffee bean extract work, and how the main ingredient (chlorogenic acid) is so efficient against extra pounds.

In order to understand this extract’s mechanism of action, you must firstly understand that just as the name suggests, green coffee beans are basically coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet. The roasting process prepares them for consumption, but at the same time it considerably reduces the content of chlorogenic acid, a compound that has been shown to be very efficient in the battle against extra pounds. Otherwise stated, green coffee beans are richer in chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee beans.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

The chlorogenic acid targets more than just one aspect – even though it is highly efficient for weight loss purposes, it can also come in handy for those who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes.

The green coffee bean extract is known to dilate the blood vessels – this eventually leads to a normal blood pressure, along with correct blood circulation. The fact that it acts as a vasodilator also helps those with cold feet and hands, as this is a symptom of poor blood circulation – by dilating the blood vessels, green coffee bean extract promotes healthy, continuous blood flow through the arteries and the veins.

Many people tend to think that the caffeine content is what triggers weight loss, but all the credits go to chlorogenic acid which simply greencoffeebeansextractinhibits the release of glucose into the bloodstream, after a meal. By inhibiting the glucose, the extract simply forces your body to start burning the existing fat in a fast and efficient way.

Whenever you eat, your liver starts to produce insulin, an important hormone that comes as a response to the release of glucose.

It is the insulin that actually stimulates your body to store energy under the form of fat – by slowing down the release of glucose in your blood, the green coffee bean extract will automatically reduce the fat absorption, which will eventually result in lost pounds.

On the other hand, the chlorogenic acid also impacts the liver and speeds up the metabolism, which makes your body burn fat faster and more efficiently. Despite the fact that the extract can deliver encouraging results, this is a long-term process.

The chlorogenic acid plays a pivotal role here – unfortunately, the morning coffee will not help you lose weight as it contains very low amounts of chlorogenic acid, as most of it was lost during the roasting process. In addition to this, the effects of green coffee bean extract can be visible in the long haul, as your body will find it a lot more difficult to store energy under the form of fat in the future – otherwise stated, you won’t gain weight at the same pace you used to until now.

The Proof That Green Coffee Bean Extract Is Truly Useful

There have been several studies and trials that aimed to reveal the efficiency of this extract – one of them lasted for 12 weeks, and the study has revealed that the patient lost no less than 10% of their entire body weight, and approximately 16% of their body fat.

The most remarkable aspect is that the subjects were able to lose fat without actually changing anything in their exercise or eating behavior. In addition to these encouraging results, none of the patients actually experienced any side effect.

As the study reveals, the success is given by the high content of chlorogenic acid which, as mentioned above, has an impact on the release of glucose in the blood. This is actually a two-phase process that has maximum efficiency against extra pounds, and the purpose of this compound is to convert your body into a real machine that burns fat on a daily basis.

Moreover, those who want to lose weight can enhance the weight loss properties of the extract by coupling the supplement with a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet along with regular physical exercises, for the best results.

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